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Why is Xtreme the fastest growing Student Travel business?

In the past five years, the student travel market has evolved rapidly. Xtreme does the very best to fulfill students' increasing demand for top-notch parties in the comfort of safe locations and venues, providing the ultimate spring break experience. Our one of a kind product offers students the safest destinations with the most student-friendly resorts, best parties at the hottest venues, meal deals, private party transfers, huge pool parties with the best DJ's, and an exclusive demographic. We offer a wide range of trip options and packages that allow travelers with an array of budgets to travel with us.


Talk our customer service agents who care about you and your outstanding travel experience! We have extended business hours and do the very best to process your needs quickly and efficiently.


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Book an entire Spring Break package online in less than five minutes! Choose what you want your package to include, from the best roundtrip private charter and commercial flights, amazing beachfront hotels, huge daily pool parties and private airport transfer, all with an American staff on-site at an affordable price with no hidden fees!


Safety is our Xtreme's #1 priority. We provide 24-hour adult staff to handle your needs on-site at destinations Xtreme has handpicked, aimed to combine both safety and fun for your traveling experience.


Xtreme Trips is one of the nation's largest student travel companies, traveling over 12,000 students per year for over twelve years. We travel students every year to the top spring break destinations with an amazing reputation that we have built over many years of hard work and experiences!


Paying for a trip has never been easier! Simply put a small deposit down and then have your payments automatically billed to any credit card you want with our "auto-pay" feature!